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Hello, have you ever built a model before, something like a airplane, car, tank or something? Well, if you never noticed, I had a hobby of collecting Lego and stuff like that until my dad told me to switch to something new and I chose models. I still had a connection to building and the first thing that came to mind was that. I collect model tanks which the cost ranges from 50$ to 20$ while some are 80$. I don’t really think this will be called a collection, but I only have four but I started a couple months ago, and building them takes 2 weeks or more for gluing and drying it as well as painting it. The only problem with them is getting them. We have to drive 50 km just to get it and come back, but the paint and glue and all that is available at a shop 5 minutes from where I live. The model I collect are 1/35 scales ( 35 time smaller than the original tank ) and that shop only holds 1/75 scale models which are the size of a  pencil sharpener. Christmas is coming up and I need only one thing, a airbrush. hos make the paint on a model 10 time nicer and not runny or anything like that. I’m not planning to get a 100$ one, even though they are one of the best available ones, I would probably like a 50$ airbrush. I’m still improving my skills but I know I would be very good at some point. Thank you for reading my post! The best picture I could find is my one and only plane model, and that’s the only one I can use.

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Thanks to Ms.Smith, I can start operating my blog with ease and care. I will be writing some post about my adventures ( like always ), food, activities, you name it! This calls for a serious celebration, so I guess I’ll write down my first actual post tomorrow! Well, its not technically a celebration, but you friendly readers get the point, right?

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Serious Problems!

Hi guys and girls, well, if you still read my blog. I’ve been under going lots of problems on my blog and i’m trying took fix it up. Yes, after 5 months of not posting a single word I finally joined up again. I’m planning to start writing on my blog a little more often and I hope you guys start reading! I never really got the time to do much from all my homework, swimming, and stuff so when I get the time, I might pop a post or two. Well, I now should let my blog start cranking around again! Oh, yeah, I don’t really think a image would be necessary for this post.

My Past With My Bearded Friends!

Do you remember my one post that I wrote about? The post I’m talking about is called                    Bearded Dragons! Did my title made you think I had a bearded friend as in a guy with a beard, well if you thought so you’re wrong! I have two beardies, one of them is named Cocoa, the young one which is much bigger than Spikes, the older one. Cocoa is about 3 years old right now and spikes are about 4 years old.

Spikes had a very rough and weird past, he been in a major accident more than 4 times and ever since that happened she now suffers from the menacing mouth rot. Mouth rot is a bearded dragon derangement were its top jaw is a little sunken in and the bottom jaw is pointed out exposing a bit of its lower jaw. It occurs from Injuries, parasites and other stuff which mine got it from injuries. We got him when we lived in Quebec and this was problem since we had to move back to British Columbia so… we had to make a lizard stowaway. Too much amazement, he made it through several of scanners and we got through everything with out them noticing then we went on the plane to Montreal (A city in Quebec) and you know the movie Snakes On A Plane? Well, this was pretty much Lizard on a plane. We had him in a little cage in a bag and if you thought he wasn’t in a cage, she wouldn’t make it in one piece. After Montreal we went to Vancouver and boarded a small plane while Spikes was in one piece and got here safely with Spikes still in one piece and we drove to our hotel were we had to stay until we get our house.

Before we went through this trip, we had a dog named lucky which unfortunately couldn’t fit in a bag and make it through scanners like Spikes and the scanning person would be like “Hello, is there a sign of twitching in your luggage”? So we had to bring him the transport plane for pets and he made it back in one piece. But I’m not talking about dogs, it’s about lizards right now. So after we got spikes we bought the wonderfully energetic, beefy and awesome Cocoa! He never had and interesting past but since he’s a curious beast, he frequently disappears and once he was gone for 10 minutes, we found him poking around under the chair. And looking in the future, since Bearded dragons live up to 4-10 years, I know spikes might past away soon, but apparently I heard a Bearded dragon past away at 20 years old and he was a captive bred bearded dragon. Did you enjoy my post? Well, I hope you did! 

By the way, Spikes is the one on the sand and its still the same size as of today and Cocoa s on the branch and today he is way more humongous, he’s about 50 cm long write now.  

Short Survey Of Jobs!

I just wrote a post on jobs and I was wondering out of these 10 jobs, what do you prefer?

1. Doctor

2. Police

3. FireFighter

4. Vet

5. Cashier

6. Constructor

7. Airplane PIlot

8. Zoo Worker

9. Butcher

10. Astronaut

If you want to answer please comment and thank you!

My Future, My Job!

In your future, of course, you need a job to live. If you don’t you will have to find something QUICK, like a cashier at some place, a fisher man or something like that. For most jobs you need a resume in order to see your experience if you got the stuff they need, there’s a chance your in.

When I grow up these are two jobs I would like, a surgery doctor or a Marine biologist.

The reason I would like to be a marine biologist is I have a interest in the sea and love going to the beach for exploring sea creatures. I also like fishing and eating seafood but I don’t think devouring seafood makes me a person who would care for fish, but its life! The other reason I like this kind of job is that you get to retrieve stuff from the ocean and sometimes dissect it and also find medical needs and discover organs and stuff like that. The dissecting part sort of goes with my other choice, a surgeon.

That explains why I want to be a Marine biologist and now, here’s the reason I want to be a surgeon.

I know its a gross job but someone has to do it! For this job you would probably have to be good in math, that’s what my dad told me, and your not suppose to chicken out, running away with someones kidney in your hands, you’ll have to be fine with that kind of sight which I am. I seen lots of surgery shows and never screamed or hid anywhere but I do agree with one thing, its gross!

I’m sort of thing about one thing, being a herpetologist. A herpetologist is a person who studies lizards and I have two in my family and I also think lizards are so awesome with there menacing claws, their sizes and how they look!

My brother is starting to train to be a firefighter and he’s only 15 years old! My moms a baker and my dads retired at 37 years old from military, and now he fixes sar helicopters, such as the cormorant. Well that’s what I would like to work in as a job in my future and thanks for reading!

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Photo by: Major Clanger





Artistically Creative!

In school, it was pretty much the same subjects but then there was a new art subject going on with something called Arts Umbrella. It’s an place in Vancouver that teaches art and anyone can go from 3 years old and up. The teacher came to our school to do a project about it by using a site called Glocal and we used a weird small looking camera and went on this Glocal site then took pictures like the one above. (It currently is my favourite one). Its an image on some lights on the computer I was working on. Anyways, we took thousands of picture Josh said (Josh is the teacher from Arts Umbrella and he got a volenteer to come with him named Franziska). We were doing it for about a week and then about 1 or 2 days from now, we will setup our art on a big piece of separate paper, glue on the pictures we took and stick it on and bring it to the Isfeld high school and display it there! Well, I got my title pretty much from my Glocal image, I thinks its very awesome and reminds me of stars somehow, green stars in the dark night sky.

I think this was a great experience for me and everyone in my class and was fun for me. I thanks Josh and Franziska for coming here and helping us with this wonderful class.



Airforce Beach Exploration!

Hello, it’s me and I just recently went to air force beach! There are more than one air force beach in our entire planet and I will tell precise one I went to, it is located in Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Comox air force area and that’s were it is! Well, I went there with my friend Daniel my, mom and my sister and we go to go there and explore! It was low tide when we got there and there were a couple herons, and an eagle just perched on a rock looking at the ocean and we went on the side those birds were. It was difficult because you have to climb down a bunch of rocks and I almost slipped and injured my self but I saved my self in time. Once we got down we looked under rocks collecting these crabs and look at weird creatures and then my sister came along and slipped on a slippery rock but she didn’t hurt herself at least and then she watched us a little then left. The water was cold and lots of seaweed were floating around and a couple of bull fish were poking around and they were difficult to catch so I didn’t bother trying.

We got bored and went to the other side were the people actually go to hang around the beach and we were searching for starfish also known as a sea stars and we found a couple, well, maybe 6 but we didn’t get them all because they were wedged in rocks, then after that Daniel found a sea urchin which are rare around here, so we threw it in the bucket but then Daniel seen a thing on the ground a gross thing, it was a either a dead sea otter, or a baby seal ( I think it looked like a baby seal ) and it was inside out, gutted and no head with four leg bones sticking out. There were tiny crabs all over at it and Daniel started poking and I told him to put it back in the water with a stick but he didn’t want too so we left the mystery creature there.

I left my fish net on the ground and a kid picked it up like it was his and started using it. ( Apparently he was using it when we were observing the dead creature ) We told him it was ours and he said sorry and Daniel said he could continue using it but he has to give it back later and I was fine with that but he didn’t want too. He ran off with his little brother down the beach and then we walked to where those kids were going then we got on this conversation about how the area was good for skim boarding until the kid we seen earlier said, “Its over there”! He was pointing at the water and we came to the scene, and a fairly big crab was wondering around, a red rock crab to be precise, it was about five to six inches long and we grouped up with them to catch big crabs. There were a whole lot more big crabs, so we dumped the starfish down and got about 5 crabs and left since the kids had to go. I was thinking about eating them so me and Daniel ask if we can keep the 2 biggest and she said yes, even though she wasn’t big on the idea.

On the way back we got donuts and slushies and went home to cook the crabs. One of the two crabs looked very deranged. It had one very small claw and one HUGE claw but the other crab was stronger and a little bigger in size. We cooked them and Daniel said he never ate crab straight of the ocean, boiled and eat them like that so he was a little nervous. Then he tried it and said YUMMMM! The crab was delicious and made good feast. 

This ends my exploration post and I thank you for reading it! By the way, this picture up there is Kin beach, its part of the Air force beach way down of it.  

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Changing The Title To Austin’s Blog

From Crispy Austin’s Blog to Austin’s Blog…hmm whats the difference, I changed the title! I did because, well, I wanted too! I also changed the tageline but as you can see, in my older design it didn’t show the tageline. This is just a quick update for you guys!

Order In The Court!

After a scene of crime, the witness, accused, and investigation officer must proceed to the Court, and I will talk about the Canadian Court House.

The design of the Court House is sort of a European style, a normally, a grey big building with pillars and the Canadian flag on the center of it. They have flowers to make you comfortable but serious and sometimes a fountain just like this link here. When you enter, all court houses have a metal detector to make sure you don’t have a knife or a gun or any other weapon to kill witnesses or the accused or any one else in the court house for that matter. The Metal detector is also at airports and it looks like a 3 meter tall rectangle with a opening in it sort of like a door frame and if it beeps, and police officer will scan you with a small metal detecting tool and some times it beeps cause of belts, that what happened to me once at the airport.

After that part, you walk to the court room doors and it will have a certain time it starts, its also opened to the public too. When you enter, Its a huge room with benches and the judges stand is at the far end. The public benches are in two sides of the room and there are witness stands beside the judges stand. There is also the prisoner box, the jailed person or in America, the prisoner goes there when they come to court. Before they start the judgement, they must swear to the holy bible or if not religious they must make an oath. Disabled people can come and a ramp is displayed for them outside of the court house and that tells the people it welcomes you to come in. There will also be a T.V. to tape everything that happened during the time.

In the Court house, there are certain people like the judge, a lawyer, a translator and other jobs that keep the judgement going. In this part I will explain 5 jobs for you.


The judge listens to everything said in the room. Sometimes, there are no jury so the judge has to decide if the law is broken or is approved. When things go out of hands he will have to use his hammer and slam it and say “Order in the Court” Really loudly and that signals you to become quite and listen to what he has to say. If I were to be a judge, I think I would have to be a good listener, loud speaker, and to be social.  

Court Officer

The Court Officer keeps everyone in the room safe and will also escort the accused in and out of the room only if they are jailed. If you were to be this certain job, you shouldn’t be afraid, you have to be strong too. 

Court Interpreter

Every time you go to court, there will be a translator, he will translate what you say in English if you are french, Spanish, German, etc. But you must speak slowly in order of him to have enough time to translate what you say. In order fo this certain job, you should be influent in many languages. 

Court Clerk

The Court Clerk is an assistant to the judge, he/she will make the schedule,  call the court to order and before they testify, make sure they tell the truth.

Court Reporter

The Court Recorder will record everything said in the room, he/she will have to sit near the witness to clearly understand what the witness has to say. They record by speaking into the computer or typing in what has been said.

Now, you know what it is like in a Canadian court room and know what it sort of like. There are more than 5 jobs in the court but I chose to write down that much. Thanks for reading this extra-long post and I hope you enjoyed it!

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