This goes here and that goes there…

Hello, have you ever built a model before, something like a airplane, car, tank or something? Well, if you never noticed, I had a hobby of collecting Lego and stuff like that until my dad told me to switch to something new and I chose models. I still had a connection to building and the first thing that came to mind was that. I collect model tanks which the cost ranges from 50$ to 20$ while some are 80$. I don’t really think this will be called a collection, but I only have four but I started a couple months ago, and building them takes 2 weeks or more for gluing and drying it as well as painting it. The only problem with them is getting them. We have to drive 50 km just to get it and come back, but the paint and glue and all that is available at a shop 5 minutes from where I live. The model I collect are 1/35 scales ( 35 time smaller than the original tank ) and that shop only holds 1/75 scale models which are the size of a  pencil sharpener. Christmas is coming up and I need only one thing, a airbrush. hos make the paint on a model 10 time nicer and not runny or anything like that. I’m not planning to get a 100$ one, even though they are one of the best available ones, I would probably like a 50$ airbrush. I’m still improving my skills but I know I would be very good at some point. Thank you for reading my post! The best picture I could find is my one and only plane model, and that’s the only one I can use.

Photo 006

Hip Hip Hooray!

Thanks to Ms.Smith, I can start operating my blog with ease and care. I will be writing some post about my adventures ( like always ), food, activities, you name it! This calls for a serious celebration, so I guess I’ll write down my first actual post tomorrow! Well, its not technically a celebration, but you friendly readers get the point, right?

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Photo by me.

Serious Problems!

Hi guys and girls, well, if you still read my blog. I’ve been under going lots of problems on my blog and i’m trying took fix it up. Yes, after 5 months of not posting a single word I finally joined up again. I’m planning to start writing on my blog a little more often and I hope you guys start reading! I never really got the time to do much from all my homework, swimming, and stuff so when I get the time, I might pop a post or two. Well, I now should let my blog start cranking around again! Oh, yeah, I don’t really think a image would be necessary for this post.