My Past With My Bearded Friends!

Do you remember my one post that I wrote about? The post I’m talking about is called                    Bearded Dragons! Did my title made you think I had a bearded friend as in a guy with a beard, well if you thought so you’re wrong! I have two beardies, one of them is named Cocoa, the young one which is much bigger than Spikes, the older one. Cocoa is about 3 years old right now and spikes are about 4 years old.

Spikes had a very rough and weird past, he been in a major accident more than 4 times and ever since that happened she now suffers from the menacing mouth rot. Mouth rot is a bearded dragon derangement were its top jaw is a little sunken in and the bottom jaw is pointed out exposing a bit of its lower jaw. It occurs from Injuries, parasites and other stuff which mine got it from injuries. We got him when we lived in Quebec and this was problem since we had to move back to British Columbia so… we had to make a lizard stowaway. Too much amazement, he made it through several of scanners and we got through everything with out them noticing then we went on the plane to Montreal (A city in Quebec) and you know the movie Snakes On A Plane? Well, this was pretty much Lizard on a plane. We had him in a little cage in a bag and if you thought he wasn’t in a cage, she wouldn’t make it in one piece. After Montreal we went to Vancouver and boarded a small plane while Spikes was in one piece and got here safely with Spikes still in one piece and we drove to our hotel were we had to stay until we get our house.

Before we went through this trip, we had a dog named lucky which unfortunately couldn’t fit in a bag and make it through scanners like Spikes and the scanning person would be like “Hello, is there a sign of twitching in your luggage”? So we had to bring him the transport plane for pets and he made it back in one piece. But I’m not talking about dogs, it’s about lizards right now. So after we got spikes we bought the wonderfully energetic, beefy and awesome Cocoa! He never had and interesting past but since he’s a curious beast, he frequently disappears and once he was gone for 10 minutes, we found him poking around under the chair. And looking in the future, since Bearded dragons live up to 4-10 years, I know spikes might past away soon, but apparently I heard a Bearded dragon past away at 20 years old and he was a captive bred bearded dragon. Did you enjoy my post? Well, I hope you did! 

By the way, Spikes is the one on the sand and its still the same size as of today and Cocoa s on the branch and today he is way more humongous, he’s about 50 cm long write now.  

3 thoughts on “My Past With My Bearded Friends!

  1. Thanks so much this year Austin. You’ve really helped me with bearded dragon care and youve been a great person to everyone. Im pretty sure you have no enemies! Thanks for being you Austin Binky brother!

  2. Austin, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and watching how you’ve grown over the school year. So much of your humor and personality that I don’t get to see in school shines through your blog. Have a wonderful summer!

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