My Future, My Job!

In your future, of course, you need a job to live. If you don’t you will have to find something QUICK, like a cashier at some place, a fisher man or something like that. For most jobs you need a resume in order to see your experience if you got the stuff they need, there’s a chance your in.

When I grow up these are two jobs I would like, a surgery doctor or a Marine biologist.

The reason I would like to be a marine biologist is I have a interest in the sea and love going to the beach for exploring sea creatures. I also like fishing and eating seafood but I don’t think devouring seafood makes me a person who would care for fish, but its life! The other reason I like this kind of job is that you get to retrieve stuff from the ocean and sometimes dissect it and also find medical needs and discover organs and stuff like that. The dissecting part sort of goes with my other choice, a surgeon.

That explains why I want to be a Marine biologist and now, here’s the reason I want to be a surgeon.

I know its a gross job but someone has to do it! For this job you would probably have to be good in math, that’s what my dad told me, and your not suppose to chicken out, running away with someones kidney in your hands, you’ll have to be fine with that kind of sight which I am. I seen lots of surgery shows and never screamed or hid anywhere but I do agree with one thing, its gross!

I’m sort of thing about one thing, being a herpetologist. A herpetologist is a person who studies lizards and I have two in my family and I also think lizards are so awesome with there menacing claws, their sizes and how they look!

My brother is starting to train to be a firefighter and he’s only 15 years old! My moms a baker and my dads retired at 37 years old from military, and now he fixes sar helicopters, such as the cormorant. Well that’s what I would like to work in as a job in my future and thanks for reading!

Photo by: interplast

Photo by: Major Clanger