Order In The Court!

After a scene of crime, the witness, accused, and investigation officer must proceed to the Court, and I will talk about the Canadian Court House.

The design of the Court House is sort of a European style, a normally, a grey big building with pillars and the Canadian flag on the center of it. They have flowers to make you comfortable but serious and sometimes a fountain just like this link here. When you enter, all court houses have a metal detector to make sure you don’t have a knife or a gun or any other weapon to kill witnesses or the accused or any one else in the court house for that matter. The Metal detector is also at airports and it looks like a 3 meter tall rectangle with a opening in it sort of like a door frame and if it beeps, and police officer will scan you with a small metal detecting tool and some times it beeps cause of belts, that what happened to me once at the airport.

After that part, you walk to the court room doors and it will have a certain time it starts, its also opened to the public too. When you enter, Its a huge room with benches and the judges stand is at the far end. The public benches are in two sides of the room and there are witness stands beside the judges stand. There is also the prisoner box, the jailed person or in America, the prisoner goes there when they come to court. Before they start the judgement, they must swear to the holy bible or if not religious they must make an oath. Disabled people can come and a ramp is displayed for them outside of the court house and that tells the people it welcomes you to come in. There will also be a T.V. to tape everything that happened during the time.

In the Court house, there are certain people like the judge, a lawyer, a translator and other jobs that keep the judgement going. In this part I will explain 5 jobs for you.


The judge listens to everything said in the room. Sometimes, there are no jury so the judge has to decide if the law is broken or is approved. When things go out of hands he will have to use his hammer and slam it and say “Order in the Court” Really loudly and that signals you to become quite and listen to what he has to say. If I were to be a judge, I think I would have to be a good listener, loud speaker, and to be social.  

Court Officer

The Court Officer keeps everyone in the room safe and will also escort the accused in and out of the room only if they are jailed. If you were to be this certain job, you shouldn’t be afraid, you have to be strong too. 

Court Interpreter

Every time you go to court, there will be a translator, he will translate what you say in English if you are french, Spanish, German, etc. But you must speak slowly in order of him to have enough time to translate what you say. In order fo this certain job, you should be influent in many languages. 

Court Clerk

The Court Clerk is an assistant to the judge, he/she will make the schedule,  call the court to order and before they testify, make sure they tell the truth.

Court Reporter

The Court Recorder will record everything said in the room, he/she will have to sit near the witness to clearly understand what the witness has to say. They record by speaking into the computer or typing in what has been said.

Now, you know what it is like in a Canadian court room and know what it sort of like. There are more than 5 jobs in the court but I chose to write down that much. Thanks for reading this extra-long post and I hope you enjoyed it!

Photo by: superciliousness