My Crazy Dream

It was 9 P.M. and I was extremely tired so I decided to go to sleep and and hour later I was deep asleep but then a weird dream came along and I was the same size as a dust mite and I appeared on top of a building. I was wandering around like nothing happen but then, I appeared in a sand castle ( Don’t forget anything can happen in a dream ). In the sand castle there was a juice shop and some tables and there was a second floor and there I seen a king on a chair with guards around him and his servant reading a big scroll then he saw me and offered me some juice then I said no or something but then I disappeared and ended up in Antarctica, or some where snowy and then a Lego box appeared there and after that I teleported in a jungle.

I grew back to my original height and then there was house Then I woke up. It was 2 A.M. in the morning And that’s all I remembered. That was probably the most memoriable dream I ever had but I had more dreams that I remeber of. The oldest one I remeber of is when I was 4 or 5 years old, it was short but in the dream there was a lion and a couger that teamed up and attacked these weird fluffy creatures. Well, thanks for reading this wacky post!  

Photo by: peasap

When A Hero Is Made…

To me Terry Fox was a hero collecting money by running across Canada, collecting money for a cure for cancer but he died in Thunder Bay and what made him a hero is helping others, just helping someone can make you a hero to them. As an example you can help an elder by carrying their grocery but I don’t think carrying grocery wouldn’t really be a thing a hero would do but it would be nice!

Animals could be hero’s too! Maybe a police dog sniffing out drugs or weapons or maybe one of those guidance dogs helping the blind to make there way to the place they want to arrive. Dogs are the main choice of hero’s but others can be made. Like a Dalmatian which fire fighters use, but I don’t really know what they do so their not really a hero in my book.

To be a hero, you have to do do something nice, like helping or being a hero to nature by cleaning up litter, that can keep animals from getting stuck in it. People that do the opposite aren’t a hero in anyway, by hurting people littering like it’s free or anything else like that. One of my hero’s is Terry Fox, the Canadian runner who attempted to run from the west coast of Canada but died of lung cancer. He rasied millions of dollars to help search a cure for cancer. Anyway, now you when a hero is made and what I mean, Thanks for reading!, By the way, read this blog ( Bringing Us Together )  for a question on hero’s!   


Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009 Game Review

Hi, I know I don’t right about video games often, well this is my first time so I hope you enjoy it! Ok, the storyline of the game is ok and what you is travel across the world hunting animals like lions or rhinos and bears, trying to either save people or just hunt the animal! For example in the second level you have to save a camp somewhere in Africa from attacking lions and the people you save are studying the wildlife or something.

There are these bonus missions you get like hunting an elephant to tagging black bears ( I don’t mean playing tag with a bear what I do mean is putting a tracking collar on it ). All the animals you can hunt is a moose, bear, wolf, elephant, snakes, leopards, lions, gazelles, I think deer, crocodiles, hippos, rhino’s warthogs, these weird small forest pigs, and hyena’s, so that’s about most of them. There is one level you have to take a monkey with you and every time a leopard or rhino attacks he goes eeee ahhhh, something like that which is useful but gets annoying eventually. There are lots of different versions of the game like 2005 and stuff, like that and it goes for PC, PS2, PS3, wii and xbox 360. Well, that’s pretty much all and thanks for reading!. Sorry I couldn’t include a picture, I didn’t find any.       

My Outdoors Appreciation

Here I am sitting on a bent down tree surrounded by pinecones and sticks scattered around me.

The green plants grow while the dead leaves blow, as I sit on this stump fuzzy bees yellow and black collect there pollen and fly back to there honey-making shack ( aka bee hive). 

Red hummingbirds buzz around me collecting there nectar filling their tummy. But then the bee attacks, he flew towards me and I booked it but then it wasn’t in sight. I moved to a different spot, one that is more peaceful. As I took notes for my appreciation I notice a creature in the distance, as I took a closer look it appeared to be Kris writing his appreciation lying down on the cold, soft grass.

I notice a beetle, making his way to the forest, he was pitched black, small and very docile. He just sat there and then I gave it to Krisand then he let it go. I walked back to the forest, which use to be a home for many creatures but now, over a couple of years, it has a dozen trees or so. A sudden breeze approaches letting the branches sway in the breeze. Silence then kicks in… TWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET The whistle signals us to rush back in as it broke the silence and that ends my time with the forest.  

Photo by: Lutz-R. Frank




The Creek Exploration!

Hello guys and girls, in this post I will be talking about my creek exploration with my friend Daniel.C!

There are three or four creeks in my neighbourhood and I will be talking about one of them. The creek we explored was called, Hobson creek, ( the picture is not the actual one we explored ). We started at the drain under the road and headed down. We encountered quick sand, more like quick mud, and it made gloppy noises and it was hard to get out because it covers our shoes and that’s as far as the mud goes. We headed down to a place we have never been to before and we didn’t realize it was PRIVATE PROPERTY. So we head down and there was this part of the creek that I didn’t want to go cause it was covered with thorn bushes so we turned around and this guy came out of his house and then he said ” guys, this is private property, I would let you cross but just to let you know…” and we said sorry and headed down the other end of the creek. We thought he was gonna yell at us and ask us our phone number, but he wasn’t a grumpy person, he was calm.

So, we head down the creek and there was the place we started earlier and there was the tunnel under the road, Daniel wanted me to go in, so I did.

 It was cold in there and in a minute or two we were out, but the problem was that the tunnel pipe leads to a 5 meter drop in to the water and the water was 1 meter deep which I never experienced before. I jumped first and almost slipped in to the cold water and then Daniel jumped and then realized it was time to go back home. We spent 10 minutes thinking of how to get out until we found a way, jump the fence. We climbed up there and realized that the public won’t like this, but it was our only way out but when we got up there there was a opening in the far side of the fence, so we went there instead. We went back to the creek but only this time, there were kids, Daniel said he wanted to go see them so we did. There were 2 girls and one boy and he started a long conversation with them. A little later we saw Sam with her friend which surprising. Then we went back home and ate our donuts!

Photo by:forestgladesiwander